Devices Business

Semiconductor and Electronic Components
We handle variety of semiconductors and high performance electronic components procured domestically and abroad.
We provide the optimal solution with the wide range of products, high quality support and technical services through the global network of our company group.
System Engineering
The experienced engineering experts contribute to the semiconductor and LSI market through high quality design service by providing expertise specialized in LSI design, evaluation, test and sensor technology.
Reliability Test Service
We provide various evaluation tests and chemical analysis service for semiconductor, electronic components and electronic devices with our expertise backed by the experiences gained in years. We make efforts to be your trusted partner in the stages from product development to sales by enhancing our technology and improving our service level.

EMS Business

We provide high quality EMS at our factories, such as Dongguan, China, and Vietnam, adopting cutting-edge technology and providing services of flexible procurement, production management and quality assurance.

Procurement Business

Our mission is to support the development, operation and innovation of clients' supply chain management system.
We provide support in clients' manufacturing through global procurement/trading and entrustment service, focusing on "visualization."

Electronic Equipment Business

Electronic Equipment
We provide optimal solutions to customers' needs in various fields such as broadcasting, business, education, medical care, public places, factory automation, security, etc., through cutting-edge video and audio technologies and data processing technologies.
Measuring Equipment
We provide measurement technology, utilization technology, system technology and design know-how, and applications suitable for customer needs, from introduction of electronic measuring instruments. In addition, we will provide support at all stages from customer research and development to sales, including repair and measurement calibration services.

System Equipment Business

Payment Terminals and Application Products
By integrating FeliCa & NFC (near-field communication) technologies based on our core technologies of accumulated digital and communication technology in our group, we provide optimal solutions to meet customer needs by handling highly competitive models in the "cashless," "access control" and "biometrics" markets and by making proposals.

Energy Business

Renewable Energy
We have been spreading "Mega Solar" power generation system nation-wide, running wind power generation station in Hokkaido, and also working on the promotion of renewable energy oversea. Our mission is to provide sustainable management service in the regions.
Power Producer and Supplier
Our goal is to establish general energy management business by providing various services such as, primarily, renewable energy as well as electric power supply, business agent and electric power business.

Vegetable Factory Business

Vegetable Factory
We provide highly safe vegetables made in completely closed vegetable factory to the market for business use, such as major supermarket and convenience store chains, for processed foods, and restaurant chains. Currently, 5 factories are in operation, and all the factories have been certified as GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) for agricultural production management processes. We are going to further expand the business.


The multiple expansion of Restar Group enables us to apply our technology to broad range of the fields. We also work to add value in new fields by collaboration of the partners such as inter-group synergy and PCI group.