Inquiries on Compliance Line

Restar Group
Compliance Line

"Restar Group Compliance Line" (business partner reporting system) is for securing transparency of business between business partners and Restar Group and fairness, and also for maintaining and advancing ideal relationships.

We established this system to self-resolve any problems by receiving information from our business partners, in case they find, or consider suspicious, that an officer or employee of Restar Group is violating applicable laws and regulations, our business policy or Restar Group's code of conduct in the course of business.

Restar Group will investigate the reported incident to clarify facts, and take measures properly. However, please refrain from contacting us on the purpose of personal defamation or other improper reasons and matters. We do accept anonymous reports, but please note that the investigation will be limited and we may not be able to report back to you with a clear answer.

A person or a company that filed a report will not suffer any damage or disadvantage from Restar Group. We will handle personal information of the reporter with strict confidence under our Private Policy and will only be used for the investigation and verification.

Inquiries on compliance line

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