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Camera Monitoring

Camera Monitoring System

The automotive world is also speeding up the process of becoming mirrorless. We provide total solution for the full range of imaging system including not only image sensors but also image processing, display, etc.

Open VINO™


Installed OpenVINO™Tool Kit of Intel® on AI Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV). We introduce the AGV solution that enables autonomous traveling with SLAM function



We provide solutions through ICT technologies for the ageing problem of agriculture and lack of working labor.


LSI Design

We contribute to the development of our customers' technologies by providing services such as outsourcing and contracting through engineer dispatch



We have independent testing laboratories that provide high quality reliability test service. We support our customers with high technical skills in various fields, such as space, automotive, consumer electronics and industry

"In the world of automotive, the sophistication of ADAS and infotainment is accelerating, leading to the rapid increase in the need for display.
The display for the automotive is required to be highly reliable and durable due to the temperature cycle, vibration and shock of the harsh environment it will be used.
From the experience of supplying the automotive display, it is insufficient to provide only the display but also the support for the quality. Besides, we also own the latest technology of bonding display and touch panel, irregular display, OLED, Micro-LED, etc.
Restar Electronics provides total display solution from the selection of the specifications to the support of the quality."

"With the advancement of technology, AI is used in the industry that is closed to all of us.
Diversification of the telecommunication and sensing technologies are also speeding up.
We provide these technologies as general trading company of electronics.
We would like to create new business with our customers by proposals using camera sensing solution while solving problems at the same time."

"Have you ever considered to do the appearance inspection of the products automatically?
We have the machine vision camera made by FLIR Systems, Inc. which is globally famous for industry-oriented camera. The interface of the camera includes USB3.1, GigE and 10GigE, usable for a variety of systems.
Moreover, the world's first epoch-making machine vision camera by FLIR with the realization of inference function embedded in is on sale.
We also have starter kit available for you to try deep learning easily."

"During the product development, it is unavoidable to face the problems like the product not moving as expected, or the specific targeted feature did not come out. The number of pages of the specifications is also continuously increasing due to the sophistication of the device and systemization.
We listen to the usage environment from customers, replicate the syndromes and find out the fundamental reason for the problem.
Our technical team is training the problem-solving skills every day. They will support product development of our customers once device is introduced."

"As the manufacturing process of semiconductor is becoming more complex, the manufacturing lead time is getting longer. With the rapid increase of the demand, supply of the manufacturers are often tightened. PCN (Product Change Notification) and EOL (End-Of-Life) are also unavoidable in semiconductor and electronics component industry.
In response to the constant change in the supply chain, we are striving hard to improve the distribution function and quality every day.
We will continue the DNA of our company to supply devices for customers with no disruptions in the manufacturing lines."