Restar Group's Efforts for Co-creation Business
~ Application of ICT Products to Agriculture ~

"There are many companies developing ICT products for agriculture, but they have not spread amont farmers in gerneral. Why is it ?"
That simple question was the start of our initiative.

In the course of our activity, we came to pay attention to "rice", the staple food of Japanese people.
We had conversations with the farmers and we found out there were some issues, one of which was monitoring of water level of paddy fields. We, Restar Group and affiliate companies, developed its monitoring system with our technologies and implemented its verification experiment.

Paddy Field Management System

Issue : Water management is an important task for rice growing and for preventing pest outbreak. On the other hand, daily monitoring of water level is a big burden which is desired to be alleviated.

System Coverage

Temperature,humidity Battery amount Sensors / LTE Network / Data accumulation Cloud / Visualization of data Web application / Restar ONE STOP

System Overview

1. The system accumulates data of water level, temperature, humidity and battery amount. in the Cloud using wireless network. The web application visualizes those data.

2. The system will notify the farmers by sending them emails of various alerts. (battery amount, changes in water level, etc.)

System Sturcture

水田 <-> Internet <-> IoT Platform Mobile Gates 2 <-> 農家様

We came to recognize that this system, analyzing water level changes in combination with weather data and notifying water level and alert information, is effective to alleviate the farmers' burdens. We have now initiated discussion on its commercialization in detail and are holding meetings everyday.

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