Electronic Components

ABB Embedded Power

ABB Embedded Power is a power supply manufacturer based in Zurich, Switzerland.

It desgins and manufactures AC-DC standard power supplies, custom power supplies and DC-DC power supplies.  It is known for its reliability, offering high performance, high density power supplies.

ACDC Converter, Isolated DCDC Converter, Non-isolated DCDC Converter


Since 1986, CEDES has been a global leader in optical sensors using active infrared technology and image processing. We have developed innovative solutions for safety and information systems, automation, surveillance, industrial computers and controls.

The industry’s first commercial light curtain was developed in 1991, and then the slot type light barrier revolutionized the layout of elevators. We always propose the latest sensor technology.

TOF 3D sensors, Positioning and control systems, Light curtains, Light barriers, Reflective Sensors


Gushine was founded in 2011 ,has more than 10 years of business experience to providing battery pack, rechargeable battery, accessory and intelligent charging solutions.
The company provides solutions with competitive advantages to the product development, flexible manufacturing and quality control such as radio communications, industrial data collection terminals and medical device industries.

Battery pack for wireless equipment, battery for data communication terminal, battery pack for medical equipment, battery pack for communication base station and portable power supply,etc

LS Mtron

LS Mtron is a Korean manufacturer established in 2008, whose antenna products have been adopted to more than 600 types of cellphones and smartphones. It also handles 5G antennas for cars.  It puts its energy on development of products using MID technology to make them lighter and more stylish.

Antennas, Connectors, MIDs


Lumileds, the leading company of Light Engine, handles high-quaility, reliable and innovative products.  Lumileds have been working on innovation for over 100 years, which contributes to the development of innovative products for the markets of vehicles, consumers and illumination.

LED, LED Modules, IR and UV LED


Molex LLC Japan is the third largest general connector manufacturer in the world.  It provides high quality, reliable connectors.  It supports clients` business all over the world, from designing and manufacturing to the delivery of products and is contributing to its clients and the society as an electronics solution provider that generates a value for them.

Connectors, Card Edges, Sockets, Cable Assemblies, Antennas

Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Murata Manufacturing Co, Ltd is one of  electronics component manufacturers which represents Japan.  It has been contributing to the electronics society by developting innovative technologies and solutions.  One of its principal products is battery products, which are used widely in the fields of small electronic equipments, smartphones, electric tools and storage battery system for household and industry.



Nextrage Corporation has been achieving business success as a pioneer of Flash storage for more than 20 years since it used to be a part of Sony.

It has earned great trust from many broadcast-related companies by providing high-performance products and technologies for the broadcasting industry where high quality specification is required to operate properly under severe environments.  It has various kinds of flash storage products which are based on those technologies.



SAMSUNG ELECTRO-MECHANICS has the second biggest market share in MLCC market in the world. It has various products created on the basis of various technologies developed for  ultra-small and ultra-high capacity products, which enables stable supplies for clients.

MLCC (Multi-layer Ceramic Capacitor), Inductor


Seiwa Electric MFG CO. Ltd develops and manufactures highly reliable noise suppresion products, based on its technologies acquired through production of information displays and lighting equipments for public roads and highways.  It also provides LED modules for light source with various capabilities on the basis of its own opt device development technology.

Information Display Systems, Lighting Equipment, Noise Suppression Products, Cable Accessories

SMART Modular Technologies

SMART Modular Technologies has been involved in memory application products for over 30 years.  It handles wide variety of products, such as DIMM products and flash memory products.

It also offers long term support for legacy devices and well prepared for applications embedded in long-life products.

DIMM, eMMC, SATA SSD, Removable Storage (SD / CF / USB)

Sony Storage Media Solutions Corporation

Sony Storage Media Solutions Corporation mainly runs business of storage media products for data storage which essential in this information-oriented society.  It is the leading company of the world in the fileld of optical disk and magnetic media products, setting up its vision to be “the pioneer group in the industry.”

Optical Disk Media, Tape Media