Industrial Cameras


FLIR is a company with a top-class level of production volume, variety of products and cutting-edge technology in the machine vision camera business.

Its products have the features of high number of pixels (from VGA to 31M or more), interfaces (USB3.1, GigE, 10GigE) and exclusive SDK (Spinnaker), and can be applied to various systems.

Industrial Cameras, Machine Vision


FRAMOS is a German based company, They have assisted their customers since 1981 in the development of vision technologies.

As a leading global supplier of imaging products, custom vision solutions and OEM services and as a modern family business.

From the sensor to the finished imaging system, they offer a powerful portfolio of vision services and components with a range of capabilities to suit every budget. Strong brands combined with excellent technical support with services ranging from image sensor selection through to camera customization and full turn-key design.

Industrial 3D Camera,Depth Camera


LUCID Vision Labs Inc. was established in Canada in January 2017. LUCID has a large number of experienced industry experts, and has accumulated decades of experience in the machine vision industry.
Based on the technology we have cultivated, we are good at developing special cameras such as 3D cameras as well as ordinary industrial equipment cameras, and we are able to respond flexibly including custom. We are also the first in the industry to release cameras equipped with the latest sensors and technologies.

Industrial Camera,3D Camera


PROPHESEE is a France-based company, developing the one and only sensing device that captures only the parts that have changed.

It requires extremely low-computation power since it captures only the changed parts.  It has high affinity to AI and is expected to be effective on recurrent neural networks.

Event Sensors, Algorithms

Event Sensors, Algorithms

Kowa Optical Products Co.,Ltd develops high quality lenses with its original optical design and provides a variety of lenses, top-class in the industry, for machine vision with high resolution and large format.

Its products also show excellence against vibration, shock and tough environment, and clients have a lot of alternatives from which they can choose according to their purpose.

Industrial Lenses