Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation

Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation as the core company of the Sony Group’s semiconductor business, develops device businesses such as image sensors, micro displays, various LSIs, and semiconductor lasers.
Since commercializing the first CCD color camera in the world, Sony has been creating new markets for image sensors as the leading company.

Image sensors, LSI, Laser diodes, Micro-display, LPWA

Cirrus Logic

Cirrus Logic specializes in low power IC for audio and audio signal processing applications, and develops IC products that covers audio signal processing overall.

Cirrus Logic provides high performance smartphones, headsets, wearable devices, and also innovative products for the latest smart home environments.

Audio AMP, Audio CODEC, A/D, D/A, DSP

Dialog Semiconductor

Dialog Semiconductor is a UK-based manufacturer of semiconductor based system solutions.The company is headquartered in the United Kingdom in Reading, with a global sales, R&D and marketing organization.
Dialog operates a fabless business model, but maintains its own test and physical laboratories in Kirchheim.

PMIC, Audio Codec, LED Driver Ics, AC/DC Ics, Green PAK, ASIC, Bluetooth Low Energy, Wifi Module

Digital Media Professionals Inc.

Digital Media Professional Inc. (DMP) offers original AI platform “ZIA” that consists Software and Hardware(Inference Engine IP/Module). Resulting of accumulated experience for embedded GPU, DMP offers low power consumption, low cost and high performance for Edge AI.

AI Solutions, Graphics IP Core


Efinix, an innovator in programmable products, is leading the way in various fields with Trion and Trion Titanium FPGA platforms. Trion FPGA delivers a 4X Power-Performance-Area advantage over traditional FPGAs.
Offering 4K to 200K logic elements (LEs), have a small form factor, low power, and are priced for high-volume production. Trion Titanium enables more computation abilities and covers up to 500K logic elements (LEs).



Elmos is a semiconductor manufacturer established in 1984 in Germany. They have the biggest share in the product categories of ultrasonic sensor control ICs, motor driver ICs for air conditioning control, LED driver ICs for car interior/exterior, and gesture control ICs. Elmos offers high value-added products to customers mostly through those products.

Ultrasonic Sensor Control ICs, Motor Driver ICs, LED Driver ICs, Gesture Control ICs, Pressure Sensor Control ICs.

Fingerprint Cards AB

Fingerprint Cards AB is a Sweden based company designing and manufacturing biometric authentication system using fingerprint sensors. It has top share in the fingerprint sensor industry and deals the latest devices.  It plans to enter the business of financial cards as well as smartphones.

Fingerprint Sensors, Fingerprint Sensor Modules, Software for Embedment

HiSilicon Technologies Co., Ltd

HiSilicon Technologies is the biggest SoC chipset fabless manufacturer of Huawei Group in China, whose headquarter is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong. It employs over 7,000 employees and 80% of them are involved in R&D (research and development) and is one of worldwide prominent semiconductor manufacturers with great development capabilities.  It offers the latest SoC solutions, investing in development continually.

IoT Chip, Gateway chip, Display Chip, STB Chip, Camera Chip

Intel Corporation

As the leading company in semiconductor industry, Intel Corporation creates the data-centric future with computing and communication technologies which constitutes foundations of worldwide technology innovation.  It is engaged in the support of billions of devices, such as cloud, network and edge, and infrastructures to be safely connected on the basis of technical advantages.

CPUs, Chipsets, SSDs, Industrial PCs, CPU Boards, Real Sense, Image Analysis AI Solutions


LUMENTUM OPERATIONS LLC is an American company manufacturing photonics related products such as consumer products adopting optical communication/industrial lasers and photonics technlolgy / semiconductor laser for 3D sensors and optical transceivers for optical communication / excitation laser for optical fiber amplification and various kinds of modules.

Optical Communication Module, Excitation Laser for Undersea Repeater, Industrial Laser, Laser for 3D Sensing

NXP Semiconductors

NXP Semiconductors leads the technology innovation in the markets of automotive, industrial & IoT, mobile and communication infrastructure. With more than 60 years of experiences and knowledge, it provides processing solutions, authentication technology, connectivity, high power RFs and analog products.

ARM Microcomputers, Automotive Audio DSP / AMP, Automotive Network ICs / Radars / Transceivers, RFID / NFCs, Sensors, RF Power

Realtek Semiconductor Corp.

Realtek Semiconductor is a fabless semiconductor manufacturer that has the largest  market share in the markets of Ethernet ICs, audio codecs for PCs, card reader controllers and web camera controllers.  It is know with a familiar symbol of a crab, and their products are widely used in PCs, smartphones and consumer products.

LAN Controllers, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Card Reader Controllers, Audio Codec

Richtek Technology Corporation is one of the world’s leading analog IC companies. The company consistently delivers inventive power management solutions that improve the performance of consumer electronics, computers, and communications equipment. Richtek adds value to end equipment by synthesizing technological innovation, uncompromised quality, and devotion to customer service.

PMIC, Regulators, Vcore, Gate Drivers, USB Interface, LED Drivers, Protection & Reset ICs, Motor Drivers, AC/DC ICs, Audio ICs, Sensors

Silicon Line

Silicon Line is a company based in Munich, Germany that designs and develops fabless analog ICs.  It provides ICs such as VCSEL driver for optical transmission, TIA and SerDes.

It deals products for optical transmission of mass image data.

VCSEL Driver for Optical Communication, TIA, SERDES

SK hynix

SK hynix is a worldwide, top-class semiconductor manufacturer, a member of Korean SK group that mainly runs memory business.
Based on know-hows of semiconductor production acquired in years, it has persistently continued research, development and investment. It holds technologies to lead the global market of semiconductor and price competitiveness.


ST Micro Electronics

ST Micro Electronics is an all-round semiconductor manufacturer that offers high performance and power efficient semiconductors for electronic devices that are indispensable for our daily life.  It handles products which enable our clients to develop smarter vehicles, factories, cities and houses as well as next generation mobiles and IoT devices.

ARM MCUs, Automotive Solutions, MEMS, Sensors, Line Drivers, General purpose Analog Devices, Memories Power Transistors, Diodes, Power Modules

Synaptics Inc.

Synaptics is a fabless semiconductor manufacturer based in San Jose, United States.  It is high evaluated for its high performance voice processors which developed focusing on “human interface”.  It puts its energy on unique SOC products that equipped with edge computing by AI and image processing technology.

Phonetic Recognition Processor, Edge AI SOC, FAX Modem, Printer SOC


Telechips has succeeded in the Automotive product market with application processors and
communication ICs for infotainment such as AVN,Display audio.
It has applied Secure function and Safety Function APs for cockpit system (IVI, Digital Cluster, Head Up Display, Surround View Monitor).



TouchNetix is a UK-based manufacturer of capacitive touch panel controller ICs, established in 2010. In addition to the normal Touch function, TouchNetix released an IC in 2018 that can control five functions with one Chip: Hover, Proximity, Force and Haptics.
We propose in a wide range of fields such as automotive, industrial equipments and consumer.

TouchPanel Controller IC

Valens Semiconductor

Valens Semiconductor is a company, based in Hod Hasharon, Israel, that develops and manufactures semiconductors which enable “HDBaseT”, the brand new multi-media network protocol. It is now drawing attention as a large-capacity transmission system for professional AV equipment and automotive applications.

HDBaseT Transmission Protocol Chip