• Devices Business

    We offer optimal solutions with our semiconductors and electronic components throughout the world, as well as our technical support and system proposals.

    We offer supply chain management optimized for electronics to support manufacturing.

  • Electronics Manufacturing Service Business

    At our own plants in South Korea, Dongguan in China, and Vietnam, we provide contract manufacturing services for mounting of electronic components, modules and other electronic devices with cutting-edge mounting technology, as well as purchasing and sale management and quality assurance functions.

  • System Solution Business

    We offer systems solutions for electronics devices in a wide range of fields using cutting-edge video and audio technologies.

    By developing, manufacturing and selling payment terminals using near-field communication (NFC) technologies and Japanese Government Individual Identification Number card authentication-related devices , we support the creation of a safe and secure cashless society.

  • Eco-solution Business

    We provide integrated energy services, including renewable energy generation and power retail services and support for local energy production for local consumption and micro-grid construction toward revitalization of local communities.

    We produce vegetables in completely closed vegetable factories for sale to the commercial and retail markets, such as convenience stores, supermarkets, and restaurant chains, as well as providing system consulting services.

    We provide power consulting services that pave the way to carbon neutrality, regional development, and improved resilience.