RESTAR Group Code of Conduct

Basic Approach

  • 1) We will observe relevant laws and regulations, internal rules, and social norms.
  • 2) We will respect the human rights, individuality, personal qualities, and diversity of stakeholders.
  • 3) We will maintain equitable and transparent relationships with stakeholders and engage in fair business dealings.
  • 4) We will communicate with stakeholders sincerely and disclose information promptly, accurately and fairly.
  • 5) As a member of society, we will actively address environmental issues through our business and CSR activities.
  • 6) We will always strive for self-improvement and the continuous creation of pioneering business.
  • 7) We will provide products and services that best meet the needs of customers.

Matters to Be Observed

1. Respect for human rights

  • 1) We will respect and accept the basic human rights, individuality, privacy and diversity of people.
  • 2) We will not discriminate on the basis of individual characteristics, including race, creed, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, religion, nationality, ethnicity, language, physical characteristics, disability, illness, property, or origin. In addition, we do not bully or harass others and tolerate harassment.
  • 3) We will not engage in child labor or forced labor, which violates human rights. In addition, with our business partners, we will continue our efforts to prevent human rights violations.

2. Improvement of recruitment and work environment

  • 1) We will comply with the labor-related laws and company regulations and continue our efforts to maintain a safe and healthy work environment and to prevent industrial accidents.
  • 2) We will strive to provide equal employment opportunities through job offers, employment, education and training, promotion and other applicants or officers and employees in a fair manner.
  • 3) We will continue our efforts to establish and maintain a healthy and open work atmosphere to promote and ensure free and open dialogue.
  • 4) We will continue our efforts to achieve a work-life balance and to maximize our abilities through a variety of work styles.

3. Fair trade and competition

  • 1) We will comply with the Anti-Trust Act as well as other laws, regulations, and company regulations to maintain fair competition.
  • 2) We will not engage in discussions, arrangements, or bid rigging with other companies in the same industry or industry associations with regard to prices, quantities, production facilities and technologies, sales destinations, regions, or market splits.
  • 3) We will not take part in activities that hurt our business partners by resale price maintenance or abuse of dominant position.

4. Conduct of appropriate international transactions

  • 1) We will do business in compliance with the various trade-related treaties, national laws and company regulations with regard to products and services offered by the RESTAR Group.
  • 2) We will carefully consider whether or not to engage in export transactions of specific goods and technologies, as well as transactions for the provision of services, and will take appropriate procedures as necessary, in compliance with the treaties, national laws and regulations of each country.

5. Prohibition of Bribery

  • 1) We will not, directly or indirectly, engage in bribery, corruption, or other similar activities with public officials, persons in similar positions, or our business partners.
  • 2) We will provide our business partners and their officers and employees with entertainment and gifts to the extent permitted by applicable laws and regulations, including company regulations, and to the extent that they are socially acceptable.
  • 3) We do not make political contributions to elected officials, candidates or parties against the laws and regulations, or company regulations.

6. Avoidance of conflicts of interest

  • 1) We will always act in the best interests of the RESTAR Group and will not pursue personal interests by making improper use of the position or job authority in the company.
  • 2) We will not take the conflict of interest of the RESTAR Group without the prior approval of the company.

7. Protection of corporate assets and intellectual property

  • 1) We will properly manage the company’s tangible and intangible assets, including information, intellectual property, and brands, in accordance with the company regulations, and will only use such assets for the legitimate business purposes. We do not misappropriate or embezzle such assets.
  • 2) We acknowledge and recognize that intellectual property is an important corporate asset of the RESTAR Group. We will acquire and protect it in accordance with the company regulations.
  • 3) We will respect the intellectual property of others and do not intentionally commit any act of infringement of the rights.

8. Establishment of an information security management system

  • 1) We will establish and operate an appropriate management system to prevent unauthorized access, leakage, falsification, damage, etc. of confidential information and personal information held by the RESTAR Group.
  • 2) We will strictly manage the confidential information of the RESTAR Group, use it only for the legitimate business purposes, and do not divulge it outside the company. The confidential information includes information on inventions, creations, know-how, trade secrets, financial information, corporate strategy, sales plans and relationships with our business partners.
  • 3) We will handle personal information in an appropriate manner in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, and company regulations.

9. Enhancement of the safety and quality of products and services

  • 1) We will continue our efforts to ensure and enhance the safety and quality of the products and services provided by the RESTAR Group.
  • 2) We will appropriately offer information on the products and services provided by the RESTAR Group.
  • 3) We will ensure compliance with the controls and regulations applicable to our business, including obtaining the permits, licenses and qualifications as necessary.

10. Management of financial information

  • 1) We will accurately and promptly record financial information in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and in compliance with relevant laws and internal regulations. We also do not make false or misleading records.
  • 2) We will file and pay taxes correctly in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

11. Disclosure of Corporate Information

  • 1) We will disclose important information of the RESTAR Group, including financial, management and business activities, in a timely, appropriate and fair manner in order to maintain relationships of trust with shareholders and investors.
  • 2) We will disclose corporate information with prior consent of the PR IR Department through the media or other parties.

12. Prohibition of insider trading

  • 1) We will not engage in insider trading based on undisclosed corporate information that has a significant impact on our investment decisions. We also will not induce others to engage in insider trading by using such information.

13. Relationship with Society

  • 1) We will align and cooperate with society and actively participate in social contribution activities.
  • 2) We will sever all ties with an organized crime group and its member, such as a gangster, mafia, hooligan, or terrorist.
  • 3) We will not knowingly engage in acts of terrorism, money laundering and similar activities, and we will firmly reject any other unreasonable requests.

14. Environmental conservation

  • 1) We will comply with environmental treaties, conventions and laws and continue our efforts to protect the environment.
  • 2) We will drive the realization of a sustainable society by making efficient use of resources and energy and striving to reduce environmental impacts such as waste reduction, effective use, and recycling.

15. Report of the problem

  • 1) Our officers and employees are required to inform their superiors or relevant company departments or contact the whistleblower hotline when they become aware of a violation of laws or company regulations.
  • 2) We will not tolerate any retaliatory action against our officers or employees who have reported in good faith or cooperated in the investigation of a violation of laws, regulations, or company regulations. In addition, we will not treat such officers or employees disadvantageously for the reason of reporting or cooperating in investigations.