In recent years, with the rapid technological innovation such as 'the development of IoT/AI/5G' and 'transformation towards Smart City conception and automotive future society'; and the drastic change in the business environment such as 'intensified competition due to the maturity of the market and the joining of new enterprise' and 'the increased diversity and sophistication in the needs of the customers', the electronics industry is asking for a radical change in the role for our company.

In this kind of environment, rooting in the management philosophy of 'we help society evolve by leveraging information and technology to create and deliver new value and services', we are aiming to become “the Electronics Value Platformer” that can respond to various needs of our customers. Through our diversified business, our goal is to create added value through the utilization of information and technology, co-creation with partner enterprises, new services, synergy of the mutual utilization of business, talented manpower and knowledge within the Group, etc.

In addition, with the increased concern about the environmental problems, we feel the urge to put in effort in seriously demanding for a solution for the social problems such as infrastructure and public matters in a wider sense. With the keyword 'Global (in view and scale), Social Contribution, Collaboration and Innovation', we are promoting the direct attempts and measures responding to social problems such as climate change and regional revitalization through a diversified business portfolio of Semiconductor and Electronic Components Business, Procurement Business, Electronic Equipment Business, Environment Energy Business, etc., aiming for the realization of a 1-trillion-yen company and the business expansion targeting at global market to raise our business value to another level.

We are making steady progress with inventive ideas every day. We are looking forward to your constant support and encouragement.

Restar Holdings Corporation

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