Visualize the future and create a new market.
We work towards our goal "Electronics Value Platformer" which can deal with all kinds of needs by utilizing information and technology, promoting the collaborative creation and exerting the group effort.

Recent rapid technical innovation including digital shift affects broadly including production, education, medication and public services resulting in dramatic changes to our life. While our life style and view points have been changing, there are many new businesses that have been created.

While the electronics industry has changed dramatically, our company has started a new era aiming to widen our active field further, break the existing old style and create/provide innovative new services through group synergy created by existing information and technology as well as by the cooperative and strong collaboration of each business, and collaboration of many partner businesses via a variety of business progress.

In addition, we also create collaborative structure by cooperating with our country, local government and public services to contribute "sustainable social development" and solving social problems and improve our company's value.

Our ideal goal is to solve all the issues of our customers by electronics. To achieve this, we aim to be as a "Electronics Value Platformer" utilizing all our group merchandise, information and technology, as well as collaboration and innovation.