Previously, Restar Group has been actively tackling the ESG (Environment/Society/Governance) activity and environmental energy businesses.
Now on, we work harder to execute our project of SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) targeted 2030 completion by UN.

Basic Principle Regarding the SDGs


  • Through collaboration, we reflect diverse points of view as we create new cultures and values.
  • Through innovative ideas and passion, we take on challenges and aim for higher targets.
  • By expanding our business arena to encompass the entire world, we contribute to sustainable social evolution.

Our company group sets “Contribution to society” as a one of our pivotal business motto on our mission, vision and value.

SDGs of Restar Group

※The table above shows the list of our completed projects under SDGs sorted by business department with mapping (circles).

Example of Actual Incorporation

Ehime prefecture Yoshiumi- port No.1 Solar power plant

Ehime prefecture Yoshiumi- port No.1 Solar power plant

Total output in Japan and overseas (including PPA) is approximately 190 MW or more (as of the end of December 2023).

Renewable energy x domestic/overseas

Restar Corporation operating a renewable energy business focusing on mega-solar power planting aims to create decarbonized/sustainable decentralized society (society which is sustainable to disasters by recyclable energy oriented small size supply system (decentralized power source)) to slow the rising key global social issue ""environment/energy problem"" We currently own more than 60 solar power plants in Japan and more than 80 solar power plants in Taiwan, and we plan to further expand the number of solar power plants in the future. In 2023, we begun offering Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) services. We are committed to contributing to a decarbonized society through the promotion of renewable energy to solve social issues in the global environment.

Example on Shibuya ward office

Example on Shibuya ward office

Multi display system for disaster countermeasure department. It is able to spontaneously display a variety of images including outdoor high position camera, ground wave broadcasting, PC images that supports a quick decision. It is capable of connecting with remote area's by connecting through TV meeting system.

BCP Solution x local government

Restar Corporation is a provider of solutions of images, sound effects, information & communication equipment and electric measurement equipment. We offer solutions supporting countermeasure meeting and accelerated decision making in emergencies for companies and local government and contributes to building a sustainable and strong local community. By creating the disaster countermeasure department and providing emergency information broadcasting system and small drones, we will make it possible to collect and share the information smoothly in case of disaster.

Carbon free × Non-fossil certificates

V-Power Co., Ltd., which operates an integrated energy management business through power consulting, is working on carbon-free electricity using non-fossil certificates* to be used at games held at OPEN HOUSE ARENA OTA (sports stadium in Ota City, Gunma Prefecture), which is the home of the Gunma Crane Thunders, a basketball team in the first division of the Japanese B League. As in this example, the Restar Group, including V-Power, is working with partner companies and local governments to accelerate decarbonization initiatives and promote social development. *A certificate issued for the environmental value of electricity generated using non-fossil sources

Example at OPEN HOUSE ARENA OTA (sports stadium in Ota City)

Example at OPEN HOUSE ARENA OTA (sports stadium in Ota City)

Image of Carbon free Transformation

Image of Carbon free Transformation

For all 30 home games played at OPEN HOUSE ARENA OTA from the opening game on Saturday, October 14, 2023 until May 2024

About SDGs

SDGs is an abbreviation of “Sustainable Development Goals” that means “Sustainable development target”. This slogan is cited at the UN summit as a goal of 193 countries in the UN for the next 15 years to 2030.
In detail, there are total 17 agendas including reduce the gap between rich and poor and equalization between genders.