To "inform" customers and employees.
Engage in sales promotion support and cross-organizational projects within company working hours.

One of the companies within the Restar Group is Restar Communications Corporation.
They handle a wide range of electronic devices in the Restar Group. Ms. T.M. is in the company's administrative department and Ms. T.M. is responsible for sales promotion and cross organizational projects. She demonstrates her communication skills in the company by connecting departments and people. She says, "I want to achieve results in a limited amount of time” and she adds it makes her job more rewarding.



Restar Communications Management Division Leader
Her previous back ground includes experience in sales promotion support. She joined this company as a place where she could use her challenging spirit while developing the skills and gaining valuable experience. She currently belongs to the Administration Division and is involved in planning, management and operation projects across organizations within the group companies. Her strengths include centering on sales promotion activities such as creating company information and running exhibitions.

Was attracted to the company because of its wide range of business potential

My assignment soon after joining the company was the Marketing Division. At that time, the department itself had just started, and was moved there based on my previous experience in sales promotion skills. I was able challenge myself to find issues and worked towards improving and suggesting the work content, this made my work rewarding.

After joining the company, what I realized was that the broadcasting industries were moving extremely fast and the customer needs required a specific product lineup that were being replaced quickly. We as a company are constantly watching trends in the world, and the company acts accordingly. Being proactive about change may be one of our advantages.

My responsibilities in the company is to communicate the management policy. Also creating management materials and distributing the president's message. I can always engage with the thoughts of the management team and understand the message of the company, there are many things to still learn.

Communicate to customers and deliver to departments and people, a job that require exceptional communication skills

My main work in sales promotion support is to manage the company's homepage, prepare exhibition of merchandise, and advertisement placement among other things. It is important to steadily and readily deliver in any task you are in charge of and as a coordinator, communication skills are paramount.

For example in sales promotion support I need to ask, "how do you relay company information" and what is important to customers. When creating materials for management planning, I need to think about "how to express the message of management and that needs to be understood to workplace", another element is when promoting a project, how do I need manage the issues facing the workplace. These are these I work with every day.

To gather in company wide projects across all departments and expecting to work together as a group

In addition to communicating management policies and supporting sales promotions, I oversee projects that work across the organization. We currently run nine businesses widely different types of sectors, they including broadcasting, education, corporate, government and local governments, and technical departments. They each business have their own unique lists of demands and needs. Our goal is to increase more value as a company by implementing projects that can work spread through the company and across the boundaries of each department.

At the moment we currently have three projects that are being implemented. The first is “Priority Solutions” that promote highly value-added products across the company. The second is “Beyond Project,” which clarifies the issues for each business and draws up a growth strategy that makes each business area top of its class. And the third is a project in which all employees can freely present new business ideas and create new business models.

The project office secretariat works with the staff in each department to provide support for formulating management plans and to oversee each project while also managing each project.
In projects conducted across departments, there are some areas where it is difficult to get a sense of the overall concept, so it is an indispensable skill to communicate smoothly with departments and members with high skill sets related to technology. We are working on creating a system to streamline activities more effectively. For instance, setting up regular meeting so officers in charge can submit or go over reports together and also to confirm created. This is what makes this process is very interesting.

With the merger in 2019 the Restar Group was born, and all areas of business within the Group expanded. I hear that new connections with customers have been made, and new collaborations and ideas are beginning to move within the group. I am looking forward to the changes from such harmonious effects within the group. If there is an opportunity where I could get involved, that would definitely appeal to me and so I can demonstrate cooperation within the group.

Time is limited. My aim to achieve results within limited time frame and utilizing the reduced working hour system

Presently, my schedule at the company is on reduced working hours due to raising my children. Initially, I planned to work full-time after maternity leave, but due to the unavailability of children nursery schools, it will be difficult to work full time. Instead I have decided to work shorter hours and to leave the company by16:00.

Prior to the start of my maternity leave, I was unsure my duties would be transferred smoothly. Therefore, I created a manual of the work description so that the ext person in charge could see the job description and also so that the team members can work together easily. And as a result, with the cooperation of the team members, I was able to take my maternity leave with peace of mind. In addition, I was in touch with my boss and team members as much as possible to update them on my physical condition, my pregnancy, and also childcare situation.

We are seeing number of female employees who have recently graduated is increasing, but since I was part of an earlier generation to join the company with fewer female employees.
So, for me to have maternity leave was far less frequent for the company. In addition, I am very delighted that my boss and colleagues who understood the situation inside the company as well. I have been given considerations such as setting up meetings before evening and am very grateful.

As I watch my child grow, I can see that my child is growing up very fast. I also want to keep growing both at work and privately. I'm in the middle of my job, so I want to improve my skills to achieve top results as a team, and I want to be able to better manage both in the

I now see after working shorter hours, I have understood the importance and value of time. Since time is limited, I want to be someone who can quickly think about what is needed now and who can make quick decisions and produce the right results in a short amount of time. And when I am not working I dream of visiting Japan’s 47 prefectures on a family trip.

*The content of the interview is current at the time of the interview.